Is Venice Florida Pet Friendly?

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Is Venice, Florida pet friendly?  Absolutely!  Pet Owners are a breed of their own.  We love and nurture our pets.  We buy them food that costs more than steak and they sleep in our beds. They become more than friends but family.  They share our joys and comfort us in our sorrows.  It makes sense that we want them to accompany us during our daily journeys. Venice, FL is indeed pet friendly.  Because of our beautiful weather and outdoor lifestyle, many local restaurants like the Salty Dog and many of our tiki bars allow you to bring your furry friends to dinner with you.  They are extremely accommodating and will bring you a bowl of water for your pet.  Surprisingly, they all seem to be very well behaved and enjoy other pet lovers giving them attention.  

Brohard Paw Park is a public beach park specifically for you dogs.  This unique beach park has ample parking, two layers of fences to keep your dogs away from the street, dog bathing and drinking stations.  The park is located on Harbor Drive in Venice, just South of Sharky's Restaurant.   Here you can take your dogs swimming in the Gulf of Mexico and even sun bathe together.  You should spend a few hours there even if you don't have pets.  It is so much fun to watch them run, play and swim.  You can see them smile the entire time they are there.  They will go home exhausted and ready for a nap.

Many of our planned communities incorporate dog parks at the design phase.   In most communities, neighbors bond over walking their dogs.  More neighbors know my dog's names than mine!  If you live in a deed restricted community,  pets are expected to be on a lease when outside and owners are required to pick up after their pets for the consideration of other homeowners.  Plastic bags become essential.

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