Growing Star Fruit

Yellow starfruit growing on tree.

Star fruit, aka carambola, are easy to grow at your Venice, Florida home.  I started with a 4 foot tree from a local nursery, and now have a 20 foot tree that produces so many star fruit that  I can't give them away fast enough.   The tree is planted like any other tree, water well for the first two weeks and fertilize with organic fertilizer a few times a year.  The normal rainfall in Florida is sufficient from that point on.  When the fruit turns from green to yellow with a little bit of green on the edges, it is time to pick.  A typical tree will produce hundreds of fruit.  The peak fruiting seasons are August through September and December through February.

Star fruit slice decorating a plate with sliced steak and rice.

Star fruit are sweet with a very slight bit of tartness.  They typically are cut transversely to create 1/4 inch slices that resemble a five pointed star.  They are frequently used to decorate a dinner plate or are added to a fresh salad.  Most people eat the thin skin along with the fruit.  There are a few very small seeds which can be scraped from each slice but they are soft and are often eaten.  

Star fruit are delicious, full of fiber, antioxidants and vitamin C.  Anyone with kidney disease should consult with their physician before consuming due to the high concentration of oxalate.

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