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Universal design bathroom.Over three million Americans require a wheelchair for daily living.  Whether through, illness, injury, or birth defect, the result is the same.  These individuals face challenges that the rest of the population is oblivious to; including many of our builders and architects.

 Wheelchair accessible is a colloquial term that most of us understand to include access ramps and wider doorways but the more comprehensive term is Universal Design.  Universal design allows a home to be constructed in a way that makes it accessible for a wide range of people, regardless of age or disabilities. Universal design can also address hearing and visual impairments.

 The simplest obstacles can be insurmountable to some.  The four-inch step to get in the front door or…

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Sailboat with white sail in Gulf of Mexico.It is winter in Venice, Florida.  The sky is blue and sunny with a mild breeze over the Gulf of Mexico.  The temperature is 77 degrees F.  Fisherman lined the rocky shore along the Venice Inlet; some seeking the thrill of the catch and some seeking a fresh fish dinner.  On the benches along the water sits an elderly couple holding hands and watching the show nature put on.  Pelicans dive-bomb fish from heights crashing head first into the saltwater.  Vacationers line the beach with their brightly colored umbrellas, beach chairs and coolers.  Many brought along their sharks tooth sifters in the hopes of finding fossil sharks teeth, which is why Venice, Florida is known as the shark's tooth capital of the world.  Looking south along the beach, one could see…

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Bubble Martini with pink beverage and a smokey dome under a bubble.My wife and I were looking for someplace new to dine and decided to give the Banyan House in Wellen Park a try.  We met our close friends Eric and Susan for lunch and had such a wonderful experience.  The location in Downtown Wellen Park was easy to access and there was plenty of parking.  The restaurant's architecture was creative and enticing with lots of glass and interesting rooflines.  The waterfront location made for beautiful views on this sunny day.  Once inside, we were in awe at the beauty of the life-size artificial banyan trees which reminded us of Disney World.  They provided a tropical ambiance and set the theme for our dining experience.  

Our server was an energetic young lady named Bella who was absolutely delightful.  She was…

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Best of Venice award for 2023 logoGulf Shores Realty won the Best of Venice Award for the Best Independent Real Estate Company for 2023, making 12 consecutive years.  Gulf Shores Realty has won this award every year since they have been open.

The Best of Venice Awards were presented on Saturday, July 27, 2024 at the Plantation Golf and Country Club.  The red carpet was rolled out with all the pomp and circumstance expected with such prestigious awards.  Several hundred were in attendance.

The Best of Venice Awards are coveted because they are voted on by the public.  Awards are presented for real estate, restaurants, auto repair, furniture, hotels, jewelry, and plethera of other topics.  The WINNER is announced for each at the Best of Venice Annual Awards Dinner.  The event is…

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Rows of white craft tents lining West Venice Ave.Venice, Florida was host to the 16th annual Downtown Venice Craft Festival on Sat. and Sun., January 27 & 28, 2024.  West Venice Avenue was closed to vehicular traffic while thousands of patrons casually strolled the palm tree lined street.  Approximately 100 white display tents lined the street for blocks and glistened in the Florida sun.  Both local and traveling artisans and craftsmen proudly displayed the fruit of their labors.  The air was filled with the essence of food vendors with their delicious and tempting vices.  Patrons feasted their taste buds on tropical beverages, fresh baked pastries, kettle corn, and more.  Several musicians sang, played guitars, and other more exotic instruments.

Every imaginable craft and work of art was on display…

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small white dog laying on peach blanket

Is Venice, Florida pet friendly?  Absolutely!  Pet Owners are a breed of their own.  We love and nurture our pets.  We buy them food that costs more than steak and they sleep in our beds. They become more than friends but family.  They share our joys and comfort us in our sorrows.  It makes sense that we want them to accompany us during our daily journeys. Venice, FL is indeed pet friendly.  Because of our beautiful weather and outdoor lifestyle, many local restaurants like the Salty Dog and many of our tiki bars allow you to bring your furry friends to dinner with you.  They are extremely accommodating and will bring you a bowl of water for your pet.  Surprisingly, they all seem to be very well behaved and enjoy other pet lovers giving them…

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Yellow starfruit growing on tree.

Star fruit, aka carambola, are easy to grow at your Venice, Florida home.  I started with a 4 foot tree from a local nursery, and now have a 20 foot tree that produces so many star fruit that  I can't give them away fast enough.   The tree is planted like any other tree, water well for the first two weeks and fertilize with organic fertilizer a few times a year.  The normal rainfall in Florida is sufficient from that point on.  When the fruit turns from green to yellow with a little bit of green on the edges, it is time to pick.  A typical tree will produce hundreds of fruit.  The peak fruiting seasons are August through September and December through February.

Star fruit are sweet with a very slight bit of tartness.  They typically are cut…

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